Igal pildil on oma lugu. Nii ka järgnevate looduskaadrite puhul, mis tabatud nii Saare-, Harju-, Põlva- kui ka Pärnumaal. Pildid olid üleval Eestit tutvustaval näitusel “WGFM94 Tallinn” konverentsil.

Iga pilt on prinditud 60×40 suurusele lõuendile, mis lisab teosele maalilisust. Lõuend on kinnitatud korralikule puitraamile, mille taga on tugev kinnitustraat. 

Igat pilti on müügil vaid üks eksemplar. Iga pildi hind on 75 € ning lisandub saatmine. Tellides rohkem, kui ühe pildi, rakendub soodustus -5€ pilt. Üle 200 eurose tellimuse puhul on saatmine tasuta. 

Lõuendil pildid on pakitud kilesse ning pappkarpi.

Every park has it’s story. This park in Saaremaa, Kudjape has the story you want it to have. Keywords are: footprints, one way, falling snow and mysterious light. This photos represents well Estonian winters. If here is winter then it is proper one with fluffy snow and beautiful scenery. 75 €[/caption]
Bird Watch (60 x 40 cm) Parus major is one of the most popular bird to stay here in Estonia while winter lasts. They come earlier to prepare the nest. One on the photo was close to Tabasalu cliff and is male – you can see it by the wider black stripe under the chest. Females have narrower stripe. In Estonian this bird is called Rasvatihane. 75 €
Around The Globe And Back (60 x 40 cm) Old devious road in south Estonia was used to carry post. Now it is covered in asphalt and is beautiest 40 km scenery to drive through. I drove the road by bike and captured the beauty of the forests, roads, lakes and scenery. Definitely must go place in Estonia! 75 €
Summer Breeze (60 x 40 cm) Rummu was years ago prison and it’s residents were used to dig marble from the mining. Now when the prison closed and mining stoppe, all the water got back in the drained area. That’s why there is now beautiful lake and artistic hills of sand. Next to all that beautiful flora is masking out cement walls and asphalt floors. That photo represents the power of nature. 75 €
Fog makes everything look more mysterious and intresting. Specially if there are some fall colors and reservoir hidden inside. Kuressaare Castle is one of the most popular places to see in Saaremaa. You are happy if you can visit it while it’s covered in mysterious fog and decorated with colors of fall. SOLD/MÜÜDUD! 
Centuries ago castles were built to protect treasures and life of the rulers and their families. Kuressaare castle is well preserved and restorated building containing lots of intresting historical finds. New viewing angle to this castle is given with this photo – it looks like crow is a natural security camera for the fortress. SOLD/MÜÜDUD!
Army Of Trees (60 x 40 cm) Army of threes protect us from the strong winds that could cause harm if not slowed down. Nõmme forest has mainly spruces and pines. Here they look like soldiers in line and ready for action. 75 €
White Foxes (60 x 40 cm) Nõmme parks and forests in Tallinn are escape from the urban noise. Great place to ski, sledge or walk with your pets. Forest here is big enough to find untouched areas and beautiful small hills covered in show, looking like homes for the white foxes. 75 €
Eyes Of The Street (60 x 40 cm) Pärnu is one of the most foggy cities I know. Because of the sea and river around the city morning and evenings are the time for play of fog. Old town streets, park trees and street lanterns are great combination for fairytale views. 75 €
Land Of Semolina (60 x 40 cm) Every year after winter the nature starts waking up again. At that time Japanese garden in Tallinn Kadriorg is one of the most beautiful. By tweaking the colors to match infrared look-alike I achived the effect of yellow semolina all over the place. 75 €

Makseinfo: Egonligi OÜ, EE502200221054996114 (Swedbank), Selgitus: Pildi nimi + tellija nimi